Thursday, 26 May 2011

True Blood Brings On Witches In Season 4!

It has been quite some time since we last saw the vampires and werewolves clashing in True Blood. We’ve had a lot of time to recover from the events that took place in the season 3’s finale.

Ever since True Blood season 3 ended as a cliffhanger, leaving behind a flurry of unanswered questions, a sense of anticipation has been quietly building in the lead up to the upcoming fourth season.

The biggest doubt plaguing anybody who has gone through True Blood episodes would be regarding Sookie’s whereabouts.

Poor Sookie! She realized that she is a fairy and that Bill had been lying to her ever since they met. And thankfully, she was taken away to the Realm of the Fairies, far from those lying vampires and werewolves.
Now, what will happen next?

Fans of the show, who remain ever-eager to download True Blood seasons, might be wondering whether Sookie will return to take revenge from Bill? Is it possible that she will get together with Eric, after he told her about Bill’s apparent deception?

Well, the answers will be provided by the forthcoming episodes.

The last time when we saw Bill Compton, he was engaged in a fight to death. His fate hangs in balance as well!

Moreover, Eric might be seen encountering some witches. I wonder how the storyline will shape up in True Blood season 4.

So many questions, yet no trace of answers. For all the tormented souls like me, salvation will come in the shape of True Blood season 4.

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