Friday, 26 August 2011

True Blood will Witness A Burnt House!

true blood season 4 episode 10
The saying, “a friend in need is a friend indeed,” surely holds true and will be put on practice in the television series, True Blood.

Bill would require Sookie’s assistance in a crucial case. He wants her to employ her powers to treat a hex. Sookie will be seen using her powers and things will start working out, much to Bill’s delight. 

Alcide would be seen in a dither in the approaching episode and the matter at stake would be his faithfulness.

The happenings of the past have changed the game and he would be thinking hard on changing parties. Would he go ahead with the loyalty swap or will he keep his word with the ones he loves?

Bill would be seen playing the role of a leader in the upcoming episode. He would gather the blood-sucking creatures to make a deadly assault on Moon Goddess Emporium. The place belongs to Marnie and we all know what she is capable of. Would Bill’s plans work out or would he get beaten hard after the attack?

Well, I am not sure what will unfold in the world of vampires and werewolves, but I do know how you can find all the answers.

Just go through True Blood season 4 episode 10 and you will know the fate of Bill and everyone involved with him.

While Bill will be busy plotting schemes, Jesus, Lafayette, Sookie and Jason would try to rescue Tara and Holly.

The duo would land themselves in dense soup with things resting on their friends and family to get them out of the life-threatening situation.

Now, it seems the episode will have plenty of action.

Man, I can’t sit still to watch the episode due to air on August 28.

Friday, 19 August 2011

True Blood Screams on- ‘Let’s Get Out Of Here!’

true blood season 4 episode 9
 If the spoilers behind the cuts are authentic then the upcoming episode is going to be one of the most sensational one. If you’re desperate to know why, then stay tuned to get foresight for the soul!

The near death-trauma has shaken Sookie to the core, but this time she will envisage a place, where the trio (Bill, Eric and Sookie) can live in peace. It is slightly difficult to find such kind of world in reality, but I can see a ray of hope in this vision.

Furthermore, in this presumably-breathtaking installment, Jesus will make all possible attempts to cleanse the spirit of Lafayette. The restlessness of her spirit has been aggravating day by day. Now it will be the biggest challenge of True Blood’s world to control this evil spirit.

It seems that just because of this wicked spirit, we will get a chance to witness a few jaw-dropping moments in True Blood season 4 episode 9.

In addition to this, Sam is still under a catch-22 situation, and Alcide will come forward to help him. Sam urgently needs someone’s support otherwise anything can happen to this man.

But it is slightly shocking for me to know that Alcide will be called by Marcus for Sam’s assistance. Well, it could be a plot against Sam, but the ground realities will come on surface only when we take a look at the upcoming segment!

Later on, Bill and Nan will be fighting like cats and dogs over their agendas. Like always, they have something serious to converse. Don’t forget to watch this installment to see them confront each other.

In the concluding part of this segment, Marnie will make a treacherous plan against the vampires. She has gone to attend the Festival of Tolerance, but her mind is always preoccupied with such things. Let’s see what she has this time!

Friday, 12 August 2011

True Blood Gets Incredibly Exciting With Impending Vampire Washout!

true blood season 4 episode 8
Can you imagine what the supernatural world that we absolutely love to devour on True Blood, would be like without any vampires on the scene? Well, if you think of that as an impossible probability, you are soon going to have to rethink that, as you watch the upcoming installments of the series.

Titled Spellbound, True Blood season 4 episode 8 sounds like it’s going to have a titular effect on us.

Being slated as the best segment of the series so far, this one will see the world of vampires in utter mayhem, as they struggle to devise a way to keep their tribe alive.

Meanwhile, their two strongest opponents, the werewolves and the witches, will be seen going strong on their plans to eradicate vampires. The recently released trailer of the episode shows Bill Compton pondering over the ‘vampire suicides’, prompted by the curse of witches.

He is also seen coming face to face with the press, as he releases a report in regard to the deaths. It is going to be interesting to see what the consequences of this encounter will be, and whether Bill will be able to safeguard the rest of them.

As per the buzz doing rounds, this segment will also see Tara and Antonia discussing what they plan to do to wipe-out the vampires!

We wonder whether it will click Tara that her dear friend Sookie, has close ties with vampire Eric, and would be deeply affected by the loss.

A major reason to download this segment will be to see how the new pack leader of Alcide and Debbie reacts to the entire situation. Whether the ultimate course of action goes in favor of the vampires (I secretly hope it does)!

With all the uncertainty around, there’s one certainty that we have some riveting drama to look forward to in this one!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Cold, Grey Light Emanates From This Dawn!

true blood
Interconnection between the human and supernatural world always creates havoc. And the same theory is also applicable to True Blood, as these days, its world is in complete chaos. The vampires are no more protected, and a single mistake can make them extinct.

Well, we already have a very interesting topic, so what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look!

Bill is really exasperated with the present conditions, and he wants to change it all before anything goes wrong. He will shoot an order, which will be disliked by many.

Marnie is possessed by the highly powerful spirit of Antonia, and now the girl has lost all control on her senses and soul. Believe it or not, but she has invited trouble by reconnecting with her supernatural predecessors.

If we take a profound look at the story, we will find that the current arc is interspersed by several events, but gradually, some major events are coming to light.

In True Blood season 4 episode 7, you will get a chance to come across countless noteworthy moments. First of all, Eric will discover about amnesia, and make all possible attempts to use it as an asset. Well, that’s the hint that we’ve been getting! But how can somebody use his forgetfulness as an asset? You will get an instance of the same, when you watch the upcoming batch of this most exciting show.

Later on, Lafayette will be seen in a most troublesome situation, and it will be owing to the discovery of his existence. He is unable to adjust with his new avatar, but you cannot control destiny, and Mexico will bring him face to face with destiny!

Moreover, Jessica has no plans for future, because she is intensely dissatisfied with her present state. Perhaps, she doesn’t know anything about Jason’s erotic dream, for that would have created more tensions in her life!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Going Full Throttle On The Entertainment Quotient!

True Blood is a show that we know is doing well! And what is the secret behind it doing so?

Well, we know that it has a wonderful cast and all the other similar stuff that all the other shows keep blabbering about as well!

But have you considered that it is such a McDonalds of the television!

I mean, of course it is not unhealthy!

Jokes apart, it gives us deals that are so good! Just look at the episode it is airing next.

It will be about Sookie going out in a full moon night and she does it to search for Jason. As this happens, Marnie steps in with her bit and reconnects with the spirits of the past.

Then there are also Arlene and Terry, who try their best to deal with a mysterious inferno. Alcide is urged by Debbie to join a new community of werewolves. Tommy and Sam trade places with each other, and Lafayette goes on to feel a spirit in Mexico. Eric also comes into the picture and surrenders to the will of his king.

This is what True Blood season 4 episode 6 will bring to you.

Isn’t this a lot for one episode? It sure is!

Watch this episode for it will provide you stuff that you would have gotten in ten episodes in any other show!

That is why this show is so good! It is providing the viewers what they want to see! It’s like what Chandler Bing said, “You do not pay for the hole in a doughnut!” It is the whole thing that you want, the whole of the entertainment!

This is what the show gives to you and this is the precise reason behind it being the success that it is!

Friday, 29 July 2011

With The Wicked Witch Coven after him….Alexander Skarsgard turns in to a Viking Warrior!

true blood
With the new season, cometh the new avatar! And we got to witness that in True Blood’s Season of Witches. I am talking about the 1000-year old vampire Eric Northman, played by actor Alexander Skarsgard.

From the initial episodes of ongoing season, it’s clear that witches have tempered with Eric’s memory, and there is lot more trouble awaiting the once hardcore blood-sucker!

During a rendezvous with the media, the actor himself admitted that a lot of changes have occurred in his on-screen character.

 These changes are not just limited to mannerisms, but a sea-change can be noted also in Eric’s appearance. And it’s pretty cool for the star to show up in board shorts and a hoodie, than donning the usual vampire attire on True Blood episodes.

But, why is he adamant on transforming into a Viking warrior?

Is he tired of being haunted by the witches?

Well, it’s nothing like that as the star has snagged a role in Warner Bros. adventure movie ‘The Vanguard’. Besides acting, he will also co-produce the film. .

Alexander Skarsgard has the experience of playing a Viking on the horror show. Download True Blood to find out this secret of Eric’s life before getting bitten by a bloodsucker!

 I think Alexander is the perfect choice for the character in ‘The Vanguard’, and Warner Bros is certainly up for raking in massive box office collections.

As of now, all eyes are on amnesiac Eric and the adaptation of Charlaine Harris' novel ‘Dead to the World’ is all set to spill more blood and not to forget, romance, probably a couple of love triangles.

Eric’s memory loss is going to play a major role as it will invariably bring the telepathic barmaid Sookie into the picture. More than anything else, the curiosity would hover around the fact if the fairy would be able to outcast the witches.

More to come on True Blood season four! So, keep a track of every development, as the Season of Witches might not actually follow the novel religiously!

Friday, 22 July 2011

True Blood All Set To Meet Me And The Devil!

true blood season 4 episode 5
The entire hullabaloo over Eric’s disappearance is over now. He is back under Sookie’s wings. But that does not mean that the fun is over,  in fact, it has only started.

With the arrival of True Blood season 4 episode 5, the series would have entered well into the season. The new segment is titled as Me and the Devil, and will air on July 24, 2011. And just like on previous occasions, it will put the characters in deep trouble and take us into the profound world full of excitement.

Bill has trouble at his doorstep, and in order to know how and why, watch Me and the Devil!

If you recall, I had mentioned earlier that though Tommy and Sam almost always find their brotherly relationship going all into the wire, they will reconcile. And if previous installments tried too hard to make us think otherwise, episode 5 will bring them together, ending all discussion.

It is going to be Tommy, who will put things back in order; but he will be choosing an altogether different path! He would enlist Sam as his partner in crime. This means that Sam, from now on, would be aware of all the criminal activities that Tommy indulges in.

Moving ahead to Terry and Arlene, the next installment will deal with their decision of turning towards religion to find answers to some burning questions.

And while it’s not sure if they get their answers, it is confirmed that the segment will have all the requisites of becoming a phenomenon. And while we sit to appreciate the work of Terry and Arlene, we would also notice Lafayette and Jesus, as they travel to Mexico.


They are finding it hard to control their powers, and  want to find an easy way out.

Would they succeed? Find out!

Friday, 15 July 2011

“I Am Still Alive And On Fire”- This spells entertainment big-size!

watch true blood
“I Am Still Alive and on Fire” is the name of the fourth episode of the latest season of True Blood! It sure looks like a hot episode and if we go by its name, the speculations sure turn real!

Let me tell you what you can expect from this episode that is creating some pretty huge waves!

First of all, this episode will bring to you Alcide lending a helping hand to Sookie. (Where is this equation heading?)

Next, as you continue to watch this episode, you will also see Bill, and what would you see him do? You would see him discover some connections with… wait for it…  Bellefleurs.

If you think that this is all, then you are in for a serious surprise! That I say, because True Blood season 4 episode 4 will also bring to you Marnie who (believe it or not) requires assistance.

For what?

To undo a spell! Oh yeah, the things are really hot in this episode! So hot that a download is surely a must!

There’s also Sam who learns some interesting stuff about Luna! And as Tommy heads home, you will also see Jason on the verge of pleading to get rid of his obligations that he has regarding Hotshot!

Pretty packed, isn’t it?

It sure is! It was meant to be! Look at its name!

Now that a brief synopsis of this episode has been given to you, let me also tell you that this episode is not worth missing! It forms a crucial link in the whole story and contains developments that give the whole plot a new direction.

You miss this and you miss the turn!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Whoa, Eric no!! You were not Supposed to Kill Sookie’s Godmother!

Oh yes, by now I’m sure that you all would be aware of the terrible fate that befell Eric in the previous episode of True Blood. But, let me tell you more about the consequences of that special interaction that took place between Eric and the Coven of Witches.

But before that, let’s talk about the turn of events that actually led to Eric having his brains fried by the super powered witch named Marnie!

See, it is painfully clear that Bill and Eric don’t get along and it has been that way ever since Eric tried to seduce Sookie when she was with Bill. And, now that Bill has become the King of Louisiana, it was expected that he wasn’t going to do Eric any favors.

But when he sent out Eric to deal with the Coven of Witches, I knew something was going to go horribly wrong for Eric at least. And boy! Was I right or what!

Eric’s arrival had blasted the living daylights out of all the witches especially Lafayette; he had that ‘I am going to die’ look and it was simply hilarious.

Eric was smart as he tried to convince Marnie and her witchy crew to leave Bon Temps for good, but Marnie being Marnie, didn’t heed his warnings. I mean why would she, considering that she can raise dead parrots, you know!

And Eric had to do what he does best, burying his fangs deep into Marnie’s neck and suck all life out of her. And, it was going pretty well for him, until something took over Marnie and she let out an evil spell that simply washed off all the memories in Eric’s perverted brain.


So, what happens now? Sookie is going to babysit a completely confused Eric. And according to the trailers, Eric looks like a giant, hungry and perverted baby who is going to need Sookie’s care in True Blood season 4 episode 3.

And that’s not all; he will probably be seen killing Sookie’s returning fairy godmother. I cannot wait to watch that disaster unfold and also see some of that tension between Eric and Sookie work its magic.

Friday, 1 July 2011

What’s up next with Tara and Sookie in True Blood?

Trying to figure out the answer to this question? Not just you, but every True Blood enthusiast is muddling around to reach to a conclusion in this regard.

Do so if you must! And if you want help in this regard, read further since I have provided a detailed description of the future episode!

Cometh July 3, and you will witness Tara and Sookie engaged in some kind of matter related to real-estate.

True Blood season 4 episode 2 will also feature Bill and Eric exchanging their view over the coven, since it might turn out to be a hassle for vampires.

On the other hand, will Jessica be able to control her strong desire for human blood? Will she be able to ascertain a way out of this catch 22 situation? Watch the imminent installment and find an answer to this!

The occurrences of this batch will not culminate at this point! You will also see Jason seeking some unusual medication.

And, most of all, the title is extremely inviting in itself! Don’t you think so?

I meant, “You Smell Like Dinner” seems to me, as if a vampire is addressing a normal human!

So, who will be whose dinner? We will get to know once the upcoming batch airs!

Anna’s remark on espousing her co-worker!

It’s believed that one should not amalgamate his or her personal life with the professional one. Undoubtedly, the notion goes along with many lives & has been accepted by a number of ordinary beings. However, when it comes to our tinsel town residents, every ordinary thing seems to be just not going along with them. Probably, because these guys are extra-ordinary!

The ravishing beauty Anna Paquin has recently talked about her being married to a co-worker, and she considers it one of the best decisions she has ever taken on her part. The True Blood episodes star is quite contented for tying a knot with Stephen Moyer. The couple fully adores the martial bliss. Anna says that it’s just about happiness; so get it where you find it. Then it doesn’t matter in which direction life is heading you.

The mercurial veteran believes that downsides appear in every potential relation, but it doesn’t mean that you limit yourself. In her opinion, only difference between marrying a co-star & some other man is that people will stare at you a little bit more and nothing else.

Exactly! I like the way Anna thinks & defends herself. There is no point in discussing what the other person is doing. If you love him, just go for it! If people point you out, then it’s their problem & not yours.

Further, the lady revealed that she & Stephen are entirely dedicated to their job, and it hardly matters for them what people think & say about them. The couple has always prioritized their work & so will they do, as long as they don’t have anything else to give attention to. Well, one can watch True Blood online to see the couple in action.

Friday, 24 June 2011

It would be Witches Galore in True Blood’s Upcoming Season!

Not that I’m relishing the fact that witches would be there, perhaps in unprecedented numbers, at every juncture in the forthcoming season! Okay, let me confess that even I’m scared and it does send shudders. But, beans have to be spilled, right?

As far as the buzz about witches is concerned, creator Alan Ball started it by exclaiming that the fourth season would have more witches than one could ever fathom.

Does it connote more treachery and gore coming our way? Tune-in to True Blood season 4 episode 1 to witness the intriguing tale of Sookie Stackhouse, a mortal who falls in love with a vampire.

The lovey-dovey couple Sookie and Bill is experiencing several complexities that mar their romantic relationship, putting a question mark on the very decision of Sookie to venture into the world of blood-sucking vampires.

Catch up with True Blood season 4 premiere to behold Sookie leaving the precincts of Bon Temps, in the backdrop of Bill, and Eric trying hard to offer a plausible justification and making an effort to take mortals back into confidence.

Another sequence that would make for an interesting watch would be Jason unraveling his thoughts on good deeds, and Tara being drawn to close quarters.

Jesus would try to convince Lafayette to be a part of the coven, while another couple juggling with an issue would be Arlene and Terry. Terry would try to comfort Arlene and brush aside all her fears about her to-be-born child.

So, a lot needs to be worked out from these spoilers. I am sure that this milieu marked by vampires and werewolves would be seeking harmony between their world and that of humans.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Make Way for the Witches in True Blood Season 4!

Very soon friends, very soon indeed; the part-fantasy, part-nightmarish, part-thriller, blood drenched story of vampires, werewolves and fairies is about to hit your screens in a matter of few days!

True Blood season 4 is about to begin in a matter of days, and the hype is already hitting the roof; such is the frenzy initiated by the teasers and trailers released on the networks and the internet.

Many fans have been left rooted to their spots as the first few minutes of the new season were released to the public.

As if the waiting period wasn’t crucifying enough, the so-called teasers and trailers have increased the excitement to new and unbearable levels.

From what we can make of the trailers, Bill and Eric will find themselves in unfamiliar territory. As they are ordered to win back the trust of the human residents of Bon Temps.

No doubt about that one, the physical and the mental damage caused by the numerous battles that took place in the final few episodes of the previous season, is huge. And it will take more than just mollycoddling to repair the damaged relations between the vampires and humans.

But anybody, who has seen the trailers would know that certain witches are on their way to the city of Bon Temps, and that certainly cannot augur well for Eric and Bills plans!

Talking about Bill, we saw that he is having arguments with Sookie; to me it seems that Bill is unable to trust her in the aftermath of her alleged liaisons with the love rat of a vampire, Eric Northman.

I can envisage a twisted three way love dance with a lot of blood, fangs and a whole load of lusty feelings and escapades. Now, there’s one reason to watch True Blood online!

Knowing all that, it’s only fair that the fans are starting to get impatient, but we must maintain our cool and remember that the True Blood download will soon be available.

Until then, stay tuned people!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

True Blood Brings On Witches In Season 4!

It has been quite some time since we last saw the vampires and werewolves clashing in True Blood. We’ve had a lot of time to recover from the events that took place in the season 3’s finale.

Ever since True Blood season 3 ended as a cliffhanger, leaving behind a flurry of unanswered questions, a sense of anticipation has been quietly building in the lead up to the upcoming fourth season.

The biggest doubt plaguing anybody who has gone through True Blood episodes would be regarding Sookie’s whereabouts.

Poor Sookie! She realized that she is a fairy and that Bill had been lying to her ever since they met. And thankfully, she was taken away to the Realm of the Fairies, far from those lying vampires and werewolves.
Now, what will happen next?

Fans of the show, who remain ever-eager to download True Blood seasons, might be wondering whether Sookie will return to take revenge from Bill? Is it possible that she will get together with Eric, after he told her about Bill’s apparent deception?

Well, the answers will be provided by the forthcoming episodes.

The last time when we saw Bill Compton, he was engaged in a fight to death. His fate hangs in balance as well!

Moreover, Eric might be seen encountering some witches. I wonder how the storyline will shape up in True Blood season 4.

So many questions, yet no trace of answers. For all the tormented souls like me, salvation will come in the shape of True Blood season 4.