Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Make Way for the Witches in True Blood Season 4!

Very soon friends, very soon indeed; the part-fantasy, part-nightmarish, part-thriller, blood drenched story of vampires, werewolves and fairies is about to hit your screens in a matter of few days!

True Blood season 4 is about to begin in a matter of days, and the hype is already hitting the roof; such is the frenzy initiated by the teasers and trailers released on the networks and the internet.

Many fans have been left rooted to their spots as the first few minutes of the new season were released to the public.

As if the waiting period wasn’t crucifying enough, the so-called teasers and trailers have increased the excitement to new and unbearable levels.

From what we can make of the trailers, Bill and Eric will find themselves in unfamiliar territory. As they are ordered to win back the trust of the human residents of Bon Temps.

No doubt about that one, the physical and the mental damage caused by the numerous battles that took place in the final few episodes of the previous season, is huge. And it will take more than just mollycoddling to repair the damaged relations between the vampires and humans.

But anybody, who has seen the trailers would know that certain witches are on their way to the city of Bon Temps, and that certainly cannot augur well for Eric and Bills plans!

Talking about Bill, we saw that he is having arguments with Sookie; to me it seems that Bill is unable to trust her in the aftermath of her alleged liaisons with the love rat of a vampire, Eric Northman.

I can envisage a twisted three way love dance with a lot of blood, fangs and a whole load of lusty feelings and escapades. Now, there’s one reason to watch True Blood online!

Knowing all that, it’s only fair that the fans are starting to get impatient, but we must maintain our cool and remember that the True Blood download will soon be available.

Until then, stay tuned people!

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