Friday, 26 August 2011

True Blood will Witness A Burnt House!

true blood season 4 episode 10
The saying, “a friend in need is a friend indeed,” surely holds true and will be put on practice in the television series, True Blood.

Bill would require Sookie’s assistance in a crucial case. He wants her to employ her powers to treat a hex. Sookie will be seen using her powers and things will start working out, much to Bill’s delight. 

Alcide would be seen in a dither in the approaching episode and the matter at stake would be his faithfulness.

The happenings of the past have changed the game and he would be thinking hard on changing parties. Would he go ahead with the loyalty swap or will he keep his word with the ones he loves?

Bill would be seen playing the role of a leader in the upcoming episode. He would gather the blood-sucking creatures to make a deadly assault on Moon Goddess Emporium. The place belongs to Marnie and we all know what she is capable of. Would Bill’s plans work out or would he get beaten hard after the attack?

Well, I am not sure what will unfold in the world of vampires and werewolves, but I do know how you can find all the answers.

Just go through True Blood season 4 episode 10 and you will know the fate of Bill and everyone involved with him.

While Bill will be busy plotting schemes, Jesus, Lafayette, Sookie and Jason would try to rescue Tara and Holly.

The duo would land themselves in dense soup with things resting on their friends and family to get them out of the life-threatening situation.

Now, it seems the episode will have plenty of action.

Man, I can’t sit still to watch the episode due to air on August 28.

Friday, 19 August 2011

True Blood Screams on- ‘Let’s Get Out Of Here!’

true blood season 4 episode 9
 If the spoilers behind the cuts are authentic then the upcoming episode is going to be one of the most sensational one. If you’re desperate to know why, then stay tuned to get foresight for the soul!

The near death-trauma has shaken Sookie to the core, but this time she will envisage a place, where the trio (Bill, Eric and Sookie) can live in peace. It is slightly difficult to find such kind of world in reality, but I can see a ray of hope in this vision.

Furthermore, in this presumably-breathtaking installment, Jesus will make all possible attempts to cleanse the spirit of Lafayette. The restlessness of her spirit has been aggravating day by day. Now it will be the biggest challenge of True Blood’s world to control this evil spirit.

It seems that just because of this wicked spirit, we will get a chance to witness a few jaw-dropping moments in True Blood season 4 episode 9.

In addition to this, Sam is still under a catch-22 situation, and Alcide will come forward to help him. Sam urgently needs someone’s support otherwise anything can happen to this man.

But it is slightly shocking for me to know that Alcide will be called by Marcus for Sam’s assistance. Well, it could be a plot against Sam, but the ground realities will come on surface only when we take a look at the upcoming segment!

Later on, Bill and Nan will be fighting like cats and dogs over their agendas. Like always, they have something serious to converse. Don’t forget to watch this installment to see them confront each other.

In the concluding part of this segment, Marnie will make a treacherous plan against the vampires. She has gone to attend the Festival of Tolerance, but her mind is always preoccupied with such things. Let’s see what she has this time!

Friday, 12 August 2011

True Blood Gets Incredibly Exciting With Impending Vampire Washout!

true blood season 4 episode 8
Can you imagine what the supernatural world that we absolutely love to devour on True Blood, would be like without any vampires on the scene? Well, if you think of that as an impossible probability, you are soon going to have to rethink that, as you watch the upcoming installments of the series.

Titled Spellbound, True Blood season 4 episode 8 sounds like it’s going to have a titular effect on us.

Being slated as the best segment of the series so far, this one will see the world of vampires in utter mayhem, as they struggle to devise a way to keep their tribe alive.

Meanwhile, their two strongest opponents, the werewolves and the witches, will be seen going strong on their plans to eradicate vampires. The recently released trailer of the episode shows Bill Compton pondering over the ‘vampire suicides’, prompted by the curse of witches.

He is also seen coming face to face with the press, as he releases a report in regard to the deaths. It is going to be interesting to see what the consequences of this encounter will be, and whether Bill will be able to safeguard the rest of them.

As per the buzz doing rounds, this segment will also see Tara and Antonia discussing what they plan to do to wipe-out the vampires!

We wonder whether it will click Tara that her dear friend Sookie, has close ties with vampire Eric, and would be deeply affected by the loss.

A major reason to download this segment will be to see how the new pack leader of Alcide and Debbie reacts to the entire situation. Whether the ultimate course of action goes in favor of the vampires (I secretly hope it does)!

With all the uncertainty around, there’s one certainty that we have some riveting drama to look forward to in this one!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Cold, Grey Light Emanates From This Dawn!

true blood
Interconnection between the human and supernatural world always creates havoc. And the same theory is also applicable to True Blood, as these days, its world is in complete chaos. The vampires are no more protected, and a single mistake can make them extinct.

Well, we already have a very interesting topic, so what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look!

Bill is really exasperated with the present conditions, and he wants to change it all before anything goes wrong. He will shoot an order, which will be disliked by many.

Marnie is possessed by the highly powerful spirit of Antonia, and now the girl has lost all control on her senses and soul. Believe it or not, but she has invited trouble by reconnecting with her supernatural predecessors.

If we take a profound look at the story, we will find that the current arc is interspersed by several events, but gradually, some major events are coming to light.

In True Blood season 4 episode 7, you will get a chance to come across countless noteworthy moments. First of all, Eric will discover about amnesia, and make all possible attempts to use it as an asset. Well, that’s the hint that we’ve been getting! But how can somebody use his forgetfulness as an asset? You will get an instance of the same, when you watch the upcoming batch of this most exciting show.

Later on, Lafayette will be seen in a most troublesome situation, and it will be owing to the discovery of his existence. He is unable to adjust with his new avatar, but you cannot control destiny, and Mexico will bring him face to face with destiny!

Moreover, Jessica has no plans for future, because she is intensely dissatisfied with her present state. Perhaps, she doesn’t know anything about Jason’s erotic dream, for that would have created more tensions in her life!