Friday, 26 August 2011

True Blood will Witness A Burnt House!

true blood season 4 episode 10
The saying, “a friend in need is a friend indeed,” surely holds true and will be put on practice in the television series, True Blood.

Bill would require Sookie’s assistance in a crucial case. He wants her to employ her powers to treat a hex. Sookie will be seen using her powers and things will start working out, much to Bill’s delight. 

Alcide would be seen in a dither in the approaching episode and the matter at stake would be his faithfulness.

The happenings of the past have changed the game and he would be thinking hard on changing parties. Would he go ahead with the loyalty swap or will he keep his word with the ones he loves?

Bill would be seen playing the role of a leader in the upcoming episode. He would gather the blood-sucking creatures to make a deadly assault on Moon Goddess Emporium. The place belongs to Marnie and we all know what she is capable of. Would Bill’s plans work out or would he get beaten hard after the attack?

Well, I am not sure what will unfold in the world of vampires and werewolves, but I do know how you can find all the answers.

Just go through True Blood season 4 episode 10 and you will know the fate of Bill and everyone involved with him.

While Bill will be busy plotting schemes, Jesus, Lafayette, Sookie and Jason would try to rescue Tara and Holly.

The duo would land themselves in dense soup with things resting on their friends and family to get them out of the life-threatening situation.

Now, it seems the episode will have plenty of action.

Man, I can’t sit still to watch the episode due to air on August 28.

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