Friday, 5 August 2011

Cold, Grey Light Emanates From This Dawn!

true blood
Interconnection between the human and supernatural world always creates havoc. And the same theory is also applicable to True Blood, as these days, its world is in complete chaos. The vampires are no more protected, and a single mistake can make them extinct.

Well, we already have a very interesting topic, so what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look!

Bill is really exasperated with the present conditions, and he wants to change it all before anything goes wrong. He will shoot an order, which will be disliked by many.

Marnie is possessed by the highly powerful spirit of Antonia, and now the girl has lost all control on her senses and soul. Believe it or not, but she has invited trouble by reconnecting with her supernatural predecessors.

If we take a profound look at the story, we will find that the current arc is interspersed by several events, but gradually, some major events are coming to light.

In True Blood season 4 episode 7, you will get a chance to come across countless noteworthy moments. First of all, Eric will discover about amnesia, and make all possible attempts to use it as an asset. Well, that’s the hint that we’ve been getting! But how can somebody use his forgetfulness as an asset? You will get an instance of the same, when you watch the upcoming batch of this most exciting show.

Later on, Lafayette will be seen in a most troublesome situation, and it will be owing to the discovery of his existence. He is unable to adjust with his new avatar, but you cannot control destiny, and Mexico will bring him face to face with destiny!

Moreover, Jessica has no plans for future, because she is intensely dissatisfied with her present state. Perhaps, she doesn’t know anything about Jason’s erotic dream, for that would have created more tensions in her life!

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