Friday, 19 August 2011

True Blood Screams on- ‘Let’s Get Out Of Here!’

true blood season 4 episode 9
 If the spoilers behind the cuts are authentic then the upcoming episode is going to be one of the most sensational one. If you’re desperate to know why, then stay tuned to get foresight for the soul!

The near death-trauma has shaken Sookie to the core, but this time she will envisage a place, where the trio (Bill, Eric and Sookie) can live in peace. It is slightly difficult to find such kind of world in reality, but I can see a ray of hope in this vision.

Furthermore, in this presumably-breathtaking installment, Jesus will make all possible attempts to cleanse the spirit of Lafayette. The restlessness of her spirit has been aggravating day by day. Now it will be the biggest challenge of True Blood’s world to control this evil spirit.

It seems that just because of this wicked spirit, we will get a chance to witness a few jaw-dropping moments in True Blood season 4 episode 9.

In addition to this, Sam is still under a catch-22 situation, and Alcide will come forward to help him. Sam urgently needs someone’s support otherwise anything can happen to this man.

But it is slightly shocking for me to know that Alcide will be called by Marcus for Sam’s assistance. Well, it could be a plot against Sam, but the ground realities will come on surface only when we take a look at the upcoming segment!

Later on, Bill and Nan will be fighting like cats and dogs over their agendas. Like always, they have something serious to converse. Don’t forget to watch this installment to see them confront each other.

In the concluding part of this segment, Marnie will make a treacherous plan against the vampires. She has gone to attend the Festival of Tolerance, but her mind is always preoccupied with such things. Let’s see what she has this time!

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