Friday, 12 August 2011

True Blood Gets Incredibly Exciting With Impending Vampire Washout!

true blood season 4 episode 8
Can you imagine what the supernatural world that we absolutely love to devour on True Blood, would be like without any vampires on the scene? Well, if you think of that as an impossible probability, you are soon going to have to rethink that, as you watch the upcoming installments of the series.

Titled Spellbound, True Blood season 4 episode 8 sounds like it’s going to have a titular effect on us.

Being slated as the best segment of the series so far, this one will see the world of vampires in utter mayhem, as they struggle to devise a way to keep their tribe alive.

Meanwhile, their two strongest opponents, the werewolves and the witches, will be seen going strong on their plans to eradicate vampires. The recently released trailer of the episode shows Bill Compton pondering over the ‘vampire suicides’, prompted by the curse of witches.

He is also seen coming face to face with the press, as he releases a report in regard to the deaths. It is going to be interesting to see what the consequences of this encounter will be, and whether Bill will be able to safeguard the rest of them.

As per the buzz doing rounds, this segment will also see Tara and Antonia discussing what they plan to do to wipe-out the vampires!

We wonder whether it will click Tara that her dear friend Sookie, has close ties with vampire Eric, and would be deeply affected by the loss.

A major reason to download this segment will be to see how the new pack leader of Alcide and Debbie reacts to the entire situation. Whether the ultimate course of action goes in favor of the vampires (I secretly hope it does)!

With all the uncertainty around, there’s one certainty that we have some riveting drama to look forward to in this one!

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