Sunday, 31 July 2011

Going Full Throttle On The Entertainment Quotient!

True Blood is a show that we know is doing well! And what is the secret behind it doing so?

Well, we know that it has a wonderful cast and all the other similar stuff that all the other shows keep blabbering about as well!

But have you considered that it is such a McDonalds of the television!

I mean, of course it is not unhealthy!

Jokes apart, it gives us deals that are so good! Just look at the episode it is airing next.

It will be about Sookie going out in a full moon night and she does it to search for Jason. As this happens, Marnie steps in with her bit and reconnects with the spirits of the past.

Then there are also Arlene and Terry, who try their best to deal with a mysterious inferno. Alcide is urged by Debbie to join a new community of werewolves. Tommy and Sam trade places with each other, and Lafayette goes on to feel a spirit in Mexico. Eric also comes into the picture and surrenders to the will of his king.

This is what True Blood season 4 episode 6 will bring to you.

Isn’t this a lot for one episode? It sure is!

Watch this episode for it will provide you stuff that you would have gotten in ten episodes in any other show!

That is why this show is so good! It is providing the viewers what they want to see! It’s like what Chandler Bing said, “You do not pay for the hole in a doughnut!” It is the whole thing that you want, the whole of the entertainment!

This is what the show gives to you and this is the precise reason behind it being the success that it is!

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