Friday, 1 July 2011

Anna’s remark on espousing her co-worker!

It’s believed that one should not amalgamate his or her personal life with the professional one. Undoubtedly, the notion goes along with many lives & has been accepted by a number of ordinary beings. However, when it comes to our tinsel town residents, every ordinary thing seems to be just not going along with them. Probably, because these guys are extra-ordinary!

The ravishing beauty Anna Paquin has recently talked about her being married to a co-worker, and she considers it one of the best decisions she has ever taken on her part. The True Blood episodes star is quite contented for tying a knot with Stephen Moyer. The couple fully adores the martial bliss. Anna says that it’s just about happiness; so get it where you find it. Then it doesn’t matter in which direction life is heading you.

The mercurial veteran believes that downsides appear in every potential relation, but it doesn’t mean that you limit yourself. In her opinion, only difference between marrying a co-star & some other man is that people will stare at you a little bit more and nothing else.

Exactly! I like the way Anna thinks & defends herself. There is no point in discussing what the other person is doing. If you love him, just go for it! If people point you out, then it’s their problem & not yours.

Further, the lady revealed that she & Stephen are entirely dedicated to their job, and it hardly matters for them what people think & say about them. The couple has always prioritized their work & so will they do, as long as they don’t have anything else to give attention to. Well, one can watch True Blood online to see the couple in action.

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