Friday, 8 July 2011

Whoa, Eric no!! You were not Supposed to Kill Sookie’s Godmother!

Oh yes, by now I’m sure that you all would be aware of the terrible fate that befell Eric in the previous episode of True Blood. But, let me tell you more about the consequences of that special interaction that took place between Eric and the Coven of Witches.

But before that, let’s talk about the turn of events that actually led to Eric having his brains fried by the super powered witch named Marnie!

See, it is painfully clear that Bill and Eric don’t get along and it has been that way ever since Eric tried to seduce Sookie when she was with Bill. And, now that Bill has become the King of Louisiana, it was expected that he wasn’t going to do Eric any favors.

But when he sent out Eric to deal with the Coven of Witches, I knew something was going to go horribly wrong for Eric at least. And boy! Was I right or what!

Eric’s arrival had blasted the living daylights out of all the witches especially Lafayette; he had that ‘I am going to die’ look and it was simply hilarious.

Eric was smart as he tried to convince Marnie and her witchy crew to leave Bon Temps for good, but Marnie being Marnie, didn’t heed his warnings. I mean why would she, considering that she can raise dead parrots, you know!

And Eric had to do what he does best, burying his fangs deep into Marnie’s neck and suck all life out of her. And, it was going pretty well for him, until something took over Marnie and she let out an evil spell that simply washed off all the memories in Eric’s perverted brain.


So, what happens now? Sookie is going to babysit a completely confused Eric. And according to the trailers, Eric looks like a giant, hungry and perverted baby who is going to need Sookie’s care in True Blood season 4 episode 3.

And that’s not all; he will probably be seen killing Sookie’s returning fairy godmother. I cannot wait to watch that disaster unfold and also see some of that tension between Eric and Sookie work its magic.

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