Friday, 29 July 2011

With The Wicked Witch Coven after him….Alexander Skarsgard turns in to a Viking Warrior!

true blood
With the new season, cometh the new avatar! And we got to witness that in True Blood’s Season of Witches. I am talking about the 1000-year old vampire Eric Northman, played by actor Alexander Skarsgard.

From the initial episodes of ongoing season, it’s clear that witches have tempered with Eric’s memory, and there is lot more trouble awaiting the once hardcore blood-sucker!

During a rendezvous with the media, the actor himself admitted that a lot of changes have occurred in his on-screen character.

 These changes are not just limited to mannerisms, but a sea-change can be noted also in Eric’s appearance. And it’s pretty cool for the star to show up in board shorts and a hoodie, than donning the usual vampire attire on True Blood episodes.

But, why is he adamant on transforming into a Viking warrior?

Is he tired of being haunted by the witches?

Well, it’s nothing like that as the star has snagged a role in Warner Bros. adventure movie ‘The Vanguard’. Besides acting, he will also co-produce the film. .

Alexander Skarsgard has the experience of playing a Viking on the horror show. Download True Blood to find out this secret of Eric’s life before getting bitten by a bloodsucker!

 I think Alexander is the perfect choice for the character in ‘The Vanguard’, and Warner Bros is certainly up for raking in massive box office collections.

As of now, all eyes are on amnesiac Eric and the adaptation of Charlaine Harris' novel ‘Dead to the World’ is all set to spill more blood and not to forget, romance, probably a couple of love triangles.

Eric’s memory loss is going to play a major role as it will invariably bring the telepathic barmaid Sookie into the picture. More than anything else, the curiosity would hover around the fact if the fairy would be able to outcast the witches.

More to come on True Blood season four! So, keep a track of every development, as the Season of Witches might not actually follow the novel religiously!

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