Friday, 1 July 2011

What’s up next with Tara and Sookie in True Blood?

Trying to figure out the answer to this question? Not just you, but every True Blood enthusiast is muddling around to reach to a conclusion in this regard.

Do so if you must! And if you want help in this regard, read further since I have provided a detailed description of the future episode!

Cometh July 3, and you will witness Tara and Sookie engaged in some kind of matter related to real-estate.

True Blood season 4 episode 2 will also feature Bill and Eric exchanging their view over the coven, since it might turn out to be a hassle for vampires.

On the other hand, will Jessica be able to control her strong desire for human blood? Will she be able to ascertain a way out of this catch 22 situation? Watch the imminent installment and find an answer to this!

The occurrences of this batch will not culminate at this point! You will also see Jason seeking some unusual medication.

And, most of all, the title is extremely inviting in itself! Don’t you think so?

I meant, “You Smell Like Dinner” seems to me, as if a vampire is addressing a normal human!

So, who will be whose dinner? We will get to know once the upcoming batch airs!

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