Friday, 22 July 2011

True Blood All Set To Meet Me And The Devil!

true blood season 4 episode 5
The entire hullabaloo over Eric’s disappearance is over now. He is back under Sookie’s wings. But that does not mean that the fun is over,  in fact, it has only started.

With the arrival of True Blood season 4 episode 5, the series would have entered well into the season. The new segment is titled as Me and the Devil, and will air on July 24, 2011. And just like on previous occasions, it will put the characters in deep trouble and take us into the profound world full of excitement.

Bill has trouble at his doorstep, and in order to know how and why, watch Me and the Devil!

If you recall, I had mentioned earlier that though Tommy and Sam almost always find their brotherly relationship going all into the wire, they will reconcile. And if previous installments tried too hard to make us think otherwise, episode 5 will bring them together, ending all discussion.

It is going to be Tommy, who will put things back in order; but he will be choosing an altogether different path! He would enlist Sam as his partner in crime. This means that Sam, from now on, would be aware of all the criminal activities that Tommy indulges in.

Moving ahead to Terry and Arlene, the next installment will deal with their decision of turning towards religion to find answers to some burning questions.

And while it’s not sure if they get their answers, it is confirmed that the segment will have all the requisites of becoming a phenomenon. And while we sit to appreciate the work of Terry and Arlene, we would also notice Lafayette and Jesus, as they travel to Mexico.


They are finding it hard to control their powers, and  want to find an easy way out.

Would they succeed? Find out!

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